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Beth Ford - Voice CoachI am an holistic voice coach, singer and healer, based in South Wales. I offer One to One and group sessions across the U.K. For voice care and singing workshops I have travelled as far to the South West as Cornwall and as far North as Yorkshire. Students contact me from all areas of South Wales and the South West.

I love to learn and I incorporate all of this learning into my work. So, if this website seems to demonstrate many strands, or go off on tangents, then it is for good purpose, all to one aim, rather than scattered ideas.

My aim is to help, and to heal. In all of my work, I try to take an holistic approach. When I am presenting a voice workshop, I am also addressing the general health and well-being, body, mind and soul. When I am giving a 1-1 vocal lesson, I am looking at the whole person and examining what will bring out the best singing/speaking voice – traditional vocal exercises, Estill method, acting techniques, natural (healing), or imagination work.

I discovered my love for music at an early age. I won many a “Brownie” badge for renditions of Mary Poppins! I wrote my first song at the age of 9, and have continued to write since. Much of my material in my singing workshops is original.

I started my journey as a therapist later in life in 2002, when I trained in various holistic therapies, including Aromatherapy and Reflexology, going on to focus on hands on healing. I have since developed these healing abilities and added baby massage in 2010. and I continue to develop my healing and personal coaching technique, bringing in methods such as meditation and mindfulness as well as use of affirmations, which are self- penned.

Since 2004 I have been delving into Sound Healing and now, over 10 years later, I am finally using these tools in my 1-1 and group sessions. I have a particular love for tuning forks to release blocks in the body and clear the voice and and I find clients benefit from vocal toning to strengthen the voice and encourage deep healing , bringing about a sense of peace and relaxation. I am learning more and more about these tools and busy developing new ideas and techniques with each client I see to help them overcome fears and habits which may be holding them back vocally and otherwise.

My training and experience has been in many different forms. I have a BA Hons in Theatre, Film and TV, a PGCE in Secondary Drama, and various forms of training in voice and vocal direction. I have also completed Estill training in London, worked with Richard Armstrong (director) in Canada and Matthew Bailey in Cardiff, amongst others. I also incorporate yoga into my teaching, and can recommend Yoga Hafan for excellent yoga tuition.

I am currently a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners' Network - a group dedicated to opening up singing to everyone, regardless of ability.

I have also worked with the Goldies Cymru project, as Programme Leader. I set up twelve sing along sessions for retired people and those with learning disabilities. Goldies is a charity that provides monthly singing sessions aimed at promot
ing health as well as encouraging people to venture out from their homes and make new friends. This was a hugely rewarding experience bringing people together, seeing so many smiling faces, preventing loneliness, and visibly seeing people's health improve during a session.

Beth rcording at Acapela StudiosAs a singer/songwriter I have worked professionally in a variety of venues across the UK and Canada since 1998. I have ventured into jazz in recent years, but primarily I am a folk/acoustic singer/songwriter, sometimes described as a purist. My inspirations include Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Eddi Reader, Bonnie Raitt and Beth Nielsen Chapman. I can be booked as a solo performer or with guitarist/pianist for special occasions.

A cover of Carole King's Tapestry as a demonstration of Beth's style and voice work, from a session recorded at Acapela Studios in Pentyrch.

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