summer-sunflowersAnother children’s story caught my attention today. It was one which I had never seen before and it moved me with its simplicity and layers. It caused me to wonder how we can bring peace about in the world. There was a dragon, a dove, a boy and a sunflower. I really like sunflowers as they are so bold and sunny! In the story, the sunflower took the place of a sword which his clever mum gave to him, and the boy and the dragon shared a love for this flower, stopped their fighting and became friends. Ah, now I have ruined the ending for you! The dove simply appeared on every picture as a symbol – one for the grown ups.  

Where there is natural beauty so can there be peace. We are more inclined to smile and say hello to someone whilst taking a country stroll than we are on our way to work in the smoggy and hectic city.  There is a country walk etiquette that does not apply elsewhere it seems.  If we can find a common ground, a love of beauty then we can consider being allies, I suppose. Which brings me to music, as usual. Here is a common ground, from all walks of life we can come together and make and enjoy music. It is universal and humbling. Except if you are at a Slip Knot gig and then I should imagine it’s complete chaos!