Too many numbers

I ventured into a different supermarket today as they had a special on bottles of water which I need for my new BLF Singing group this week. I thought, as I was choosing, of all the potential needs of my prospective clients such as easy access to the venue, a need to take breaks and music that is not too challenging. I have a habit of picking adventurous pieces for my singing groups! Most of the group will be in their retired years and indeed I have worked with the older generation a fair bit over the years, which has been rewarding in so many ways.

As I waited at the checkout, I noticed that an elderly gentleman at the front of the queue was experiencing some difficulties. He handed over a card to the cashier who said, without much sympathy, that’s a nectar card (we were not in Sainsbury’s). There was then some kind of pause and another employee needed to be summoned. The man did not seem to say anything but looked so confused and lost. My heart went out to him. The second employee kindly invited the man to take a seat whilst she packed up his shopping. I went up to her and offered to pay for the man’s shopping as it seemed he could not. She said that he should be fine, he was a regular customer and had forgotten his pin number for his card. She hoped it would come to him as he sat down to rest.

Now I really did have sympathy for him as I have been there myself! Goodness only knows how I will cope in my later years- I already attempt to put the iron in the fridge and where I put the car keys is anyone’s guess!

It is a gloomy, sleepy Monday morning and my whole family struggled to get going this morning so how this poor chap must be feeling I can’t quite imagine.

I will get to the point now of this blog; too many codes! I have been locked out of my internet banking as I can’t get my password to work and I have no idea what my Apple password is so good luck to me purchasing any iTunes! There are so many codes and passwords that we have to remember these days and I struggle with them all so how can we expect the older generation who have had years to accumulate more information in their heads to remember them day-to-day?

For us busy people, it’s a case of info. overload and no time to do the meditation but for those in later years, it must be like trying to build a computer in their heads which is for ever needing updates.

We have this new device where you can tag a card reader and you don’t need a pin ( great for card thieves by the way) . This would be ideal for this gentleman but then he needs to be made aware, it’s a new system with a new card and more change for him.

We are generally bombarded with numbers, tweets and other social media updates these days and so when do we fit in our mindfulness practice? When do we find the time to switch off and simply be so our poor bodies can catch up with our busy minds? If we switch off our devices, we miss out and our clients etc expect us to be on call these days outside of normal working hours, it’s a hamster wheel.

Now for memorising, I have often used song (what a surprise!). I learnt my chemistry symbols for my Aromatherapy training by writing a song about them. It worked to get me through my exam. I also use song to get the younger generation to use their ‘listening ears’. We tend to respond to a heightened tune that has direction rather than a monotonous drone of “I’ve told you 3 times already, put your shoes on!”

I still remember the Sesame Street song where we count to 12 with a lovely tune. Music calms the mind, I’m sure of it and calm must mean added focus. Singing involves muscle memory too so really lets have lots of singing, and on prescription please, to help our overloaded heads to cope with all these codes!