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 I am sitting in my study, glancing out of my window for inspiration. I have views that I would like to share and the world wide web seems to offer a wonderful soapbox for us. But who wants to hear my rant? Well, you never know until you give it a go!

So this is me, Beth Ford; Singer, songwriter, healer, voice coach and music leader (make up your mind, woman!) signing in to my first blog (nearly wrote blob then) on this foggy Thursday 3rd April at 16.02pm. Hello world!

I would like to share a book with you and a thought: the book is Quentin Blake’s ‘Patrick’. I think that it opens up so much on the topic of how music can lift us, heal us, transport us and even take the place of conventional medication at times. Now I am not suggesting that if you break a limb you should skip the cast and try singing it better (I think that I would get into trouble for that anyway) but we are learning more and more about the healing powers of music on the body and mind so if we are feeling a little low then the sound of a perfectly composed aria or playing air guitar to our favourite rock number can be just what we need to release the endorphins which lift us out of the slump.

Patrick buys himself a violin, plays it around his town and cheers everyone up along his way, adding colour and zest to his new friends and surroundings. It’s a sweet story for kids and big kids.

Patrick - by Quentin Blake

I have witnessed so much healing in the singing workshops which I run where individuals walk in with physical and emotional ailments and leave with a new outlook. They sing away and even dance as they are doing so and they forget their pains. The deep breathing and activity of the singing warms up the joints and eases muscular tension and even when a song makes us cry we feel better for the release .

So I would invite you to go and find a copy of Patrick to read (you can’t borrow mine as it’s busy being read on a regular basis!). That’s my thought for today… who knows the next one might be more gritty and political, but then it’s me so I doubt it!