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Vocal Coaching and One to One Lessons
I offer a holistic approach to both singing and one to one spoken vocal delivery  tuition. My 1-1 sessions incorporate nutrition, yoga, Qi Gong and Alexander technique and sound as a healing tool to strengthen the speaking and/or the singing voice.

I now also offer Skype sessions for 1-1 spoken delivery and singing. Whilst it is preferable that we meet for sessions in person, this is not always possible for some and Skype can offer a good alternative.

These are for those who are unable to travel to me at the studio. I offer vocal care, voice production for day-to-day and public speaking and English tuition and pronunciation as a second language. If you are home alone, sometimes a good sing together can uplift you and help to strengthen the voice, which is also possible over Skype.

For singers

I teach breathing technique, pitching exercises and basic music theory. Many of my students/clients sing for pleasure, to learn a new skill and for relaxation.  Some of my students are already performers and need help in learning how to take care of their voice during long performances and  some are studying practical music courses for which they need support in choosing and learning pieces.

Students may present with a stutter, low self esteem, low confidence or a stress related illness. I believe that singing can help to overcome such problems and I am experienced in working with a wide range of ailments and disabilities. You do not need to be a music student to benefit from lessons with me.

Other students are parents or teachers wishing to learn how to sing more confidently with their children/class or music leaders needing to practise group singing without the comfort of their piano or guitar.

I am not an exam orientated singing teacher as I feel that singing should be about pleasure and relaxation and exams can take this focus away, so  exam tuition is something which I do not offer to students. The aim of my lessons is to help the student to develop a confident singing voice for whatever style of music that they like to sing.

For Speakers

There is no pressure to sing, of course, and for a high voice user who needs to strengthen and heal his or her voice for teaching, managing or call centre work, we can cover spoken vocal delivery only. So, during a 1-1 session, non singers need not fear any requirement to sing!
My spoken vocal delivery clients come from all backgrounds: those looking to change to a new profession which requires more client contact and they need to ‘find their professional voice for this role’, poets looking to develop their performance technique, priests and celebrants who need to strengthen their vocal muscles in order to sustain through long services, call centre workers and managers who are looking for ways to care for their voice and reach their clients with ease and confidence, sales people who wish to find a more attractive and convincing vocal technique.  There are even those who think they sound boring and want to liven their voice up!

If you would like singing or voice coaching lessons then please contact me via email.


''As well as being an expert in terms of vocal teaching and vocal health Beth is an extremely kind, empathetic and encouraging teacher. Through my lessons with her I gained so much in terms of confidence in my own ability to sing and numerous techniques to help relax into the singing and to protect and strengthen my voice, as well having my eyes opened to a wealth of knowledge of more holistic practices for my vocal well-being, which I have taken on-board and are now part of my every day routine. I have always suffered with sore throats, and used to often loose my voice as the first sign of being run down (which is a massive problem as a teacher!) However, thanks to Beth's help and advice I haven't lost my voice or had a sore throat for several months now. I can not thank Beth enough- in just a few sessions she has made such a positive impact on my vocal health and approach to singing. Thank you Beth!''

Sarah, Cardiff

“Over the years my voice had become 'thin' and I felt I had lost my range. My sessions with Beth looked at my voice but also at how I used my body to create different sounds. She looked at my strengths and identified where my voice needed help. I discovered I still had my voice and could sing and improve the tone and quality using  simple vocal exercises. Beth's approach is both caring and uplifting. Thanks to Beth I can sing confidently again.”

Ruth, Caerphilly

"Looking forward to Thursday at 6... I can't tell you what a difference your sessions have already made to my teaching- I've had loads of totally unprompted comments from the kids on my voice lately!"

Sarah, Cardiff

I had the pleasure of being taught by Beth for almost four years, seeing huge development and improvement in my voice throughout that time. Beth has a wonderful, natural approach to singing and is able to convey this in the way she teaches. No two lessons were the same, and I would always look forward to the next session. Because of the variety in the music we worked with, my voice received extensive all-round training, and I discovered new interest in styles and musicians I never even knew existed! Through Beth I also had the opportunity to perform several times at gigs and showcases. Despite initial beginner’s nerves, these gigs were a great opportunity to really boost my confidence. I’d recommend anyone considering singing tuition to get in touch with Beth!
Thank you for these wonderful years!"

Sofia Lindblad, Bristol / Munich

“I have been having singing lessons with Beth Ford for nearly 2 years and I have enjoyed every single one. When I started my singing lessons I was very nervous but Beth put me at ease and has always taught me at my own pace. She has helped me become more confident and my singing has improved a great deal. I have participated in 2 performances organised by Beth which I really enjoyed. Beth has a great deal of knowledge ab
out all styles of music and is very enthusiastic. I would definitely recommend Beth to anyone thinking of starting singing lessons.”
Daniella Astudillo-Gonzalez (14 years), Bristol

“I have no hesitation in recommending Beth as a tutor. Beth taught my 9 year old daughter for 2 years from an absolute beginner. Our daughter was not confident with learning and teaching in general but Beth was a fantastic teacher putting our daughter at ease and bring her out of herself.”
Mike Whitmore, Bristol

“I went to Beth to improve my speech in social and business. I found lessons are intuitive and productive as well as enjoyable. Beth tackles problems holistically from many different angles from structured voice techniques to sound healing which makes every lessons different whilst still being progressive. I find that Beth is very intuitive with choosing the right task at the right time. I am really enjoying my lessons and continue to have lessons with Beth for general enjoyment creativity reasons as well as plainly fixing a problem”
Salvatore, North Somerset

“Vocal lessons with Beth have made a world of difference to my voice. Beth used a wide range of exercises and techniques which enabled me to improve significantly in a short period of time. The coaching certainly exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this service to anyone interested in vocal coaching!”
Nigel, Pontypridd
“I came along to see Beth a couple of months ago just to try and improve my singing voice. I feel that Beth has made a huge difference during that time, not only to my voice but to my confidence as well. It's the most enjoyable hour of the week and I really look forward to it. On a one to one basis, Beth is very patient and really puts you at ease and knows how to bring out the best of you. I would not hesitate in recommending Beth to any one who is looking to improve their singing, just for their enjoyment or professionally.”
Ian, Caerphilly

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