Voice Care's new sign at Class Act Studios in Chepsto

I have exciting news this month which I am itching to share with you all. I am so incredibly grateful for all the support which you have shown me over the past 18 months as I re-invented my business to work online and, whilst I intend to carry on teaching online and sharing resources for public speaking, singing and relaxation , it is time to get back to seeing people in person. To that end, I have found a fabulous new home for Voice Care where I can also practise my RnR Therapies ( I have yet to master offering Reflexology over zoom!). I have really missed helping clients using the healing therapies I learned back in 2002 and I am looking forward to welcoming you all back in September. Those of you who have worked extensively with me will know that I incorporate my therapy learning into my voice work at most levels.

Let me tell you about the venue: It is Class Act Studios in Chepstow.

Voice Care can now be found at lass Act Studios in Chepstow
Voice Care can now be found at lass Act Studios in Chepstow

There are 4 studios there, one is now mine, the others are studio 1 and 2 and a sound booth.

Studio 2 has a piano in it and will be available ( with prior booking as it is used by others)  to all singing students of mine who would prefer/are able to see me in person. It is also a useful space for vocal exercises for speakers as it offers enough room to swing our arms around and to social distance. It is cleansed between every session using a posh device- an air mister. There are drum and guitar  lessons in this studio too.

Studio 1 is the largest space and home to singing groups, adult and youth music theatre, pilates, art classes and even rugby tots. I hope to hold  group events here for both vocal care, breathing for health and well being and singing for relaxation and I will keep you well informed of these when I am settled in and ready to go!

Anyone looking to record their vocals will be interested, nay excited, about the sound booth there.

It is going to be so inspirational to be in this creative space and any singers, dancers, designers, budding actors can look to becoming a part of Louise’s wonderful Class Act Theatre Company.  

Voice Care now has a new home in Class Act Studios in Chepstow.  They also have a Sound Booth

A hybrid approach is my intention for the foreseeable. I want to be able to reach and help people all over the world in creating a voice they are proud of so I will mix online tuition and resources with face to face time. This means that if you want to travel for a session but only occasionally, we can work over zoom and fit in person sessions in to suit you.

The more discerning eye might spot the red cans on the window sill in my new room. This is because the photo was taken straight after the new carpet was fitted and only an hour after I finished painting the wall! (compliments regarding our paint job are welcome).  I have had so much support from family and friends in getting the space ready to move into and it is less than a week away from lift off!  Wall painting, door sign making, curtain hanging, cushion creating, picture framing and furniture shifting has been generously given. I may have to write a song for them all !

Bookings are now open to see me in Chepstow. The studios are opposite the train station , with plenty of parking if you are travelling by car and we are right next door to Upcycle with the spectacular Toast cafe- this is well worth a visit.  I have visions of live music/poetry events here but one step at a time…

Looking forward to vocalising in the studio with you!


Voice Care has a new home in Class Act Studios Chepstow
Studio 2 in Class Act Studios Chepstow