How creativity can see us through…

Today’s blog is about how important my music has been to me during this time of lock down. I know, the woman who promotes feel good singing and music making through your day is talking about this topic- predictable, right?

However, it’s not just the sharing the music with my students online or even the singing with my children, it’s come to my attention that creative people have an advantage during this time: We can lose ourselves in our art, our creative flow.

When I am singing, whether it’s with a student, my children, recording a song, in the shower, sharing over live streaming gigs and folk clubs ( not at the same time as showering) , it’s a mindful , meditative and exhilarating process. I am using my voice so I am expressing, I am melody making so I am creating and I am exhaling, sometimes blasting out a rock tune or a feel good lyric. I can be anywhere, and the music itself is consuming me and therefore transporting me from the restrictions of lock down and the sad and devastating news that is out there right now. I do not know where I would be without my music making.

For green fingered people, it might be their allotment. They have their hands in the earth and they are creating , harvesting and growing their garden. Their plot is their sanctuary and they can lose themselves in tending to their plans and their physical labour and the world is held at a distance.

For bakers, the art takes place in the kitchen as they knead and roll and time and taste. Every culinary creation will taste different to the last, depending on how much love and care goes into the bake, and sometimes simply luck. It is satisfying and relaxing and does not answer us back!

So whether we write, sew, design buildings, hand craft furniture, free form dance, play the gazoo or yodel, we are letting our creating juices flow and this is what wakes us up and drives us each day.

I feel lucky and if I can share a little of that joy and respite with my music listeners and students then that brings me even more joy as there are huge benefits to our mental health when we help others.

If you don’t consider yourself to be a naturally creative person then you can use us artists to provide you with sources and we can tap into your practical awareness! Sing, please, as if you know you can, sing together or listen to music together, mould clay into good shapes and bad shapes , spend hours working with playdoh or mixing paints to make…brown! Every toddler knows how to make brown! Mud Kitchen? Rock garden? Silly rhymes that don’t even rhyme! We tell rather surreal jokes to each other in our house and we laugh out of kindness and respect for the time taken to write the joke.

We have days where I say “ You broke mummy, I am too tired to play with you because you’ve been too much already today” and days when my child says “ I don’t want to do any writing for school, it’s too hard” and days when my other child says, “ I don’t want to talk to anyone online, I just want to play !” However, we have more good days than bad and we have found that the following works for us:

  • exercising every morning helps get our day going, making sure we vary the exercise we do and seek that which we enjoy the most like dancing and yoga
  • connecting with our close friends in whatever way we can, not feeling the need to talk to everyone or anyone
  • A little bit of work and a lot of play
  • Only asking a small amount of ourselves and of each other ( it goes horribly wrong when we ask too much)
  • Routine – a flexible one but it’s still there
  • Stretching
  • Cuddles – lots of cuddles
  • Family music jam sessions when the mood takes us- well it’s us, what did you expect?!

Stay safe, stay well, and keep singing!