Welcome To ABBC Sing

There are daily tasks we need to do to care for our children before we can get to the fun bits.
We need to dress them, feed them, clean them and get them to bed.
ABCC is music for you and your child to help you do these very things

The years are short, the days are long,

lets make it count with fun through song!

Here is our story…

When we nag (and we do) a child can hear ‘blah blah blah’.But if we put it in a song no matter how simply written and sung it may be, then somehow the direction gets heard, we make a connection.

Why Sing?

More and more these days we hear about how singing is good for us whether it’s singing along to our favourite song in the car, at a rugby match or with your local choir, there is plenty of scientific evidence out there to prove that physical and mental health is improved through singing….

CD Competition

CD Competition

If you are looking at the album cover then you will notice the train (Chugga Choo) with a tooth, toothbrush and toothpaste riding on top of it. These 3 little dental characters were designed by Mia...

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