Caring for the Voice Workshops

If you are in a line of work which requires extensive use of the voice, whether it be teaching, call-centre work, singing or acting, then you will appreciate how vital a tool the voice is, and how important it is to look after it well.

I provide a comprehensive workshop which combines presentation with practical work on how to care for the voice and how to use the voice to its full potential.

The workshop detailed below is tailored for each profession. I am a qualified and experienced classroom teacher and can relate to the various roles required. This experience feeds directly into these particular workshops. For public speaking professions I would feed in acting tools such as improving stage presence and voice inflection, and for call centres would look at how to sit correctly at your desk as well as communicating effectively with the caller.

In my work as a complementary therapist, clients need advice on improving health and wellbeing and nutritional needs, and I incorporate this training into my workshops. I also combine Yoga, Qi Gong and Alexander Technique with traditional vocal methods.

As a practising singer and singing teacher, I am familiar with various breathing and body alignment techniques. These work just as effectively for the speaking voice, improving vocal projection and vocal health in the workplace.

Statistics are high for teachers, singers and call centre workers to suffer voice complaints and ongoing disorders during their career and this can be prevented through correct voice care and production. Vocal communication is vital for you and your voice is a precious instrument. My workshop looks at the challenges each professional faces as a high voice user and how to combat these.

Some participants may want to learn how to develop a more assertive voice useful for the more “spirited“ class of students or how to project the voice in an important meeting or presentation, or indeed for the stage. During the workshop we look at useful tools for these, including breathing and vocal projection.

The Workshop

I provide a one and a half hour workshop which involves a combination of presentation and practical exercises. The format includes:

  • How the voice works:
  • Understanding the mechanics of your voice
  • Individual vocal qualities
  • How to care for your voice:
    • The do’s and don’ts of voice care such as dietary choices
    • Posture, breathing, articulation
  • How to use your voice to its full potential: Responding and engaging effectively with your audience
  • Utilisation of voice pitch, tone, tempo, speed and accent
  • How to keep the voice calm under pressure
  • Tools and exercises for projection and good resonance.

All participants are provided with comprehensive written material on top tips for avoiding voice problems and vocal exercises.

Number of participants

The ideal number of participants per workshop is between 10 and 15. This number creates a comfortable working environment and allows for opportunities to discuss individual issues. However, an adapted workshop can be run for larger or smaller groups, as required. I understand the time restraints on teachers and schools.

Follow Up Workshops

More in-depth workshops can be tailored for participants following the initial presentation. I offer an extended half day workshop which allows further opportunity to focus on practical exercises such as physical techniques for breathing and posture, diction, vocal projection and how to overcome particular difficulties with public speaking.

Use of Voice in Behaviour Management Workshop

This workshop begins with voice care training and moves onto behaviour management in the classroom, which can be adapted for an alternative work place.

Participants will practise role play of challenging situations and learn how to engage effectively with students/colleagues.

We look at use of language, how to encourage individuals and how to diffuse a confrontation.

Again, the ideal maximum number of participants is 15. The programme lasts 3 hours.

“An amazing course! I’m so pleased that I came along today!
After a four year BEd course I had no training in using my voice and often find by the end of term I’ve lost my voice.
I feel so much more confident, not only on how to protect my vocal chords/vocal folds but also why it is important to do so.
An invaluable course I would recommend to every teacher.

Ella Brauning


“Thank you very much for the Voice Care training course on Wednesday. It was just the right balance of theory and practical application. Beth did amazingly well to have a group of tired teachers laughing in a workshop on a mid-week evening!

Margaret Gilligan

South Glos


“Thank you! I found it really helpful. I kept being told I would lose my voice in my NQT year but now I know strategies of how I can protect my voice.”
Monica, Bristol

“A very practical and useful course with useful tips for day-to-day voice management.  I wish something like this could have been included in my teacher training a long time ago.”
Tamsin, Lostwithiel

“It was engaging and made me feel comfortable”
Emma, Bristol

“It was all interesting and useful”
Sophie, Bristol

“Very well presented”
Krystal, Bristol

“Very good workshop, thank you.”
Stephanie, Bath

“A very practical and useful course with useful tips for day-to-day voice management.  I wish something like this could have been included in my teacher training a long time ago.”
Tamsin, Lostwithiel

“We wanted to say what a great course caring for your voice was. So much information packed into two hours. We spent all next day raving about it to our colleagues. Thanks for this great course.
Sue and Lin, South Glos.

“It was innovative and fun. Useful tips for everyday practice.”
Patricia, Birmingham

“Super workshop!”
Jessica, Birmingham

“Great, interesting and engaging workshop
Louise, Birmingham

“I found this workshop extremely useful and now feel I have more knowledge about using and caring for my voice.”
Rachel, Birmingham

“Very useful session, clear delivery, friendly and approachable trainer, well structured, helpful handout and very enjoyable. Thank you.”
Zakiya, Birmingham

“I can do these exercises easily, really practical, I also think I could introduce them to my class (Year 4) to help them.”
Cath, Birmingham

“I believe Beth did a terrific job today. She allowed all participants to feel welcome. The structure of the workshop was really good. I enjoyed it thoroughly.”
Sana, Birmingham

“This was an excellent introduction to help me look after my most precious tool. Thank you!”
Babs, Birmingham