Find your voice & show the world who you are

  • Are you concerned about your communication skills ? 
  • Would you like to have a more confident speaking voice for the workplace?
  • Online interview coming up?
  • Presentation to the masses?
  • Not being listened to or understood by colleagues?

Voice coaching can help you to engage with your audience, speak freely and express yourself fully.

You can learn to sell  yourself effectively and get the job you want. 

The voice is the person.

So let me help you to achieve your workplace goals where your voice and the intention of your words are heard. 

One to One Sessions

I offer a holistic approach to both singing and one to one spoken vocal delivery tuition. My 1-1 sessions incorporate nutrition, yoga, Qi Gong and Alexander technique and sound as a healing tool to strengthen the speaking and/or the singing voice.

All 1-1 sessions are delivered via Zoom

I offer

  • vocal care
  • voice production for day-to-day
  • voice production for public speaking
  • English tuition and pronunciation as a second language.
  • elocution
  • clear speech
  • confidence for shy individuals where there may be a stutter or a stammer
Beth Ford of Voice Care

How does it work?

We develop your vocal confidence with a combination of 1- 1 online tuition, via Zoom, and exercises which are available to you to use in between our sessions. New audios, videos and pdfs are uploaded regularly for you so that you always have something to work on. 

How long does it take?

This depends on the individual. Occasionally, a client will simply need one session before they give a presentation, interview or dinner speech. More often, we are looking at a commitment of a good few months, a minimum 12 sessions to get your voice to where you would like it to be. Clients do stay longer and choose to develop further skills and they go from strength to strength.

What does a typical session look like?

Our initial session is looking at your aims and objectives for voice development. I will revisit these regularly to ensure that we are still on the right track and getting you where you want to be. Your requirements can change over time and are not set in stone. For example, you begin to feel more confident with speaking out in the office but you have a new project which requires more public presentation skills. You may feel incredibly shy with your speaking voice so it can take a couple of sessions to help you relax and get used to our way of working. We warm up our voices using physical stretches, sounds and diction exercises. 

Following sessions will include breathing tools, relaxation, projection, inflection and , very importantly, intention with our vocal tone. We work on the material that you need to use in your workplace so that it is always relevant to you as an individual. Sometimes, we use articles or books that appeal to you personally so that you are reading aloud from enjoyable sources. 

How much does it cost?

A one off online session costs £32 and you can purchase the vocal exercises to use that we cover as an audio file. Then you have a reminder of how to warm up your speaking voice before a presentation, interview or a long day of talking. 

A package of 12 x hour long weekly or fortnightly sessions is only £180 and this includes all the online exercises to practise with. You can use these as 30 minutes twice a week if preferred. 

The resouces for this package are in the ‘It’s all Talk, Talk, Talk’ section for subscribers.

Where do we begin?

You can fill in the booking form for a free zoom consultation to discuss requirements and check this will be a good fit for you. During this process, we will confirm our wi-fi connection is adequate and, very importantly, ensure our zoom sound settings will work effectively. Then we can book you for the sessions we think you will need. 

“Online sessions… that has worked very well indeed, far surpassing my expectations”

I have been thinking about seeing a voice coach for years for help with my speaking voice and when I started learning Welsh, I decided to get help with some of the sounds of the Welsh language that are so unfamiliar to someone who grew up outside of Wales!

I started having sessions with Beth just before the first COVID lockdown, but we switched to online sessions and that has worked very well indeed, far surpassing my expectations.

During the lockdown it was important to me to be able to do something online to treat/nurture myself and gain a sense of achievement. I used to really dislike my voice but now I enjoy speaking, I enjoy reading aloud and talking to my customers and I gained enough confidence with my welsh pronunciation that I joined lots of online Welsh conversation groups and that has helped immensely with my language journey.

Beth’s holistic approach is great and when I started back at work, running craft workshops in a socially distanced environment (and wearing a mask!), Beth gave me lots of help with how to communicate effectively, enjoyably and without tiring my voice in this strange new working world.

I’m now planning to start singing lessons too – something I never thought I’d do. I’ve always been terrified of any situation where I might have to sing, but working with Beth has given me the confidence that I can learn how to control my voice and to love it!


I went to Beth to improve my speech in social and business. I found lessons are intuitive and productive as well as enjoyable. Beth tackles problems holistically from many different angles from structured voice techniques to sound healing which makes every lessons different whilst still being progressive. I find that Beth is very intuitive with choosing the right task at the right time.

I am really enjoy my lessons and continue to have lessons with Beth for general enjoyment creativity reasons as well as plainly fixing a problem’

Salvatore Notaro

Finance Administrator

Vocal lessons with Beth have made a world of difference to my voice. Beth used a wide range of exercises and techniques which enabled me to improve significantly in a short period of time. The coaching certainly exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this service to anyone interested in vocal coaching!



I have always suffered with sore throats, and used to often loose my voice as the first sign of being run down (which is a massive problem as a teacher!) However, thanks to Beth’s help and advice I haven’t lost my voice or had a sore throat for several months now.

I can not thank Beth enough – in just a few sessions she has made such a positive impact on my vocal health… Thank you, Beth!