blog image for here we go again - cece with her foot on the piano

The recording of Happy New Year 2021 is by no means a perfected one.

It is us, as a family, making the best of lockdown homeschooling.

We get to the point in the day when we can’t focus on any more screen time and need some inspiration.

Every time we turn to something creative like music making , dancing or home pottery (very messy business that one) we start to feel better, more alive and it brings us together.

This is homeschooling ABCC style with a happy new year song that can stay with you through January and even return for another musical airing in the Spring, when new beginnings occur.

We don’t know what Spring will bring this year but the song sings of hope, light and love so, whatever, we have seen this past year, we can look forward to a fresh day and this will keep us keeping on.

Our wellbeing is paramount.

Keep singing, it’s good for the soul!