Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

In honour of mental health awareness week, voice care has a complimentary relaxation audio exercise for you, centered around the breath.

It is really short and sweet so no excuses for not having the time to take care of your mental health and well being!

You can listen to the full audio here on Voice Care’s home page and more like it by becoming an official member for only £3 a month. This one is called ‘To Be and Not to Do’ and it offers a chance to reset in our busy lives. If we can do this small thing every day then we can maintain a healthy mind and connection with the  body.

The theme this year is nature and I am so pleased about this. I truly believe that walking in nature helps us to feel better quickly . It clears our head, grounds us and re connects us to our whole being.

Yesterday, I took a walk in the forest with my family and I felt so much better for it, we all did. Our conversation was easier and we stopped to take in lovely plant smells and therefore we took deeper breaths.

We were able to be more aware of each other, our senses were heightened with the lack of screens and being surrounded by our everyday mess. We could listen to each other and appreciate the tone and tempo of each other’s voices before we responded. It was so peaceful there , with just a few passers by. All that lovely oxygen from the trees kept us invigorated too.

You can use this breathing exercise easily as you walk in nature this week. Perhaps you’ll take a friend along with you who may be struggling with  their mental health and you can walk together and breathe together without the need to talk if talking feels too much.

If they do speak, however, then listen out for their tone, pitch, pace, tempo, inflection or lack of inflection as these details can tell you how they are feeling, where they are in their body and state of mind. His or her voice may then change during your walk and you might hear the inflection lift or the pace increase or decrease or they may sound brighter, more alert or softer if their anxiety was high.

Our voice tells so many things about us and it changes every day in subtle ways. If you are struggling with maintaining good mental health then my thoughts are with you especially this week.  I hope that you can speak kindly to yourself for language is powerful.

Let yourself be, you are enough as you are, just breathe and with each new breath, a little more light can be let in.