Spring is on the way and I'm launching my new upgraded website on 1st March 2021

As I sit at my desk on a slightly drizzly, windy February afternoon, I realise I have 2 choices. I could continue in February lock down/ groundhog day mode or I could peer outside  at the daffodils sprouting on my front lawn and see the light at the end of the tunnel…

I choose the latter as I love Spring! It is on its way, people. This unfurling, awakening season invites new beginnings and I cannot think of a better time to shake off all the stagnant winter blues and lethargy and spring into action with new thoughts, new ideas and new ground. 

So, this coming Monday March 1st, I will not only be celebrating St David’s Day, being Welsh, but I will be airing my very much spring cleaned website full of all sorts of delights! 

Sarah ‘genius patient web lady extraordinaire ‘ has very much helped me to revamp my virtual shop window so that those who would like to get the best out of their voice and focus on their well being can see more clearly how to go about this. 

It is by no means a finished product and I shall be creating and adding on more tools, offers and products as we go along but I am very excited that on Monday, I will be saying “ Ta da! Here is the new look for Voice Care where you can improve your communication with others, find your best voice and discover new ways of communicating with your young ones. “ 

We have been quiet, we have been kept apart and we may well go whole days without using our voice. Some of us don’t feel like talking or some days we do and some days we don’t. Some of us don’t currently have a song in our heart when we used to find ourselves wanting to sing out or we are so busy looking after others that we have not heard our own thoughts or needs for a while. 

Maybe we lack the courage to be present on a video screen so that we can connect with others or we now need to reinvent our way of life and practise video conferencing or online team meetings.  Maybe we have forgotten how to breathe with ease. Maybe we need to slow down. Maybe we need to wake our voice up. 

Some of us like to learn simple feel- good songs to sing around the house, others would like to create a calm environment for their children and singing with them would strengthen the bond.

Some of us need to impress prospective employers over a video interview and we really don’t like the way we sound or want to see ourselves on a screen.   If any of these sound familiar then I hope I can be of help. Voice Care is a landing place for you to see your options and I am really looking forward to working with clients of old and new. 

New season, new website, same voice coach! Here to teach, offer encouragement and help you along your way. 

Get in touch if I can help